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o_O;;;;; [Dec. 7th, 2005|06:42 am]
[Feeling |groggygroggy]
[Hearing |The Mountain Goats - Full Flower - Nothing for Juice]

Oo boy. Why am I up this early? I don't have to leave for an hour. I do have homework I guess I should be doing but I really don't care about it at this point, and I really doubt my professor does either. Bahaha.

Um... stuff has been surprisingly good as of late. Despite "finals" I'm finding it pretty easy to get by.. until this weekend anyhow. o_o Hrm.. I guess nothing incredible has taken place.. It snowed! But most of you know that. =P

I've been writing a lot of songs and stuff. I'm planning to record them over Christmas break in a little demo or something. Should be interesting. o_O

I've been obsessing over The Mountain Goats again. It's a lot worse this time since I got about 6 more albums, drooool.

Uhh.. I need to not have woken up until 11 again. Oh well.. I can sleep in tomorrow, but not Friday.. bleeech. o_o ::thinks:: I kind of DO have a lot of work to do.. eek.

Um.. I obviously can't think right now.. so.. lat0rz ;P

[User Picture]From: yodamaster10000
2005-12-08 12:10 am (UTC)
cutie ^^
You can sleep in with me, okay?!
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