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ech. [Dec. 11th, 2005|08:42 pm]
[Feeling |creeped out, just a little]
[Hearing |Velvet Underground, The - That's The Story Of My Life - Velvet Underground]

Before I procrastinate any further, I need to say something that went on in my head while bathing.

Why are there dozens of fruit fly bodies plastered to the ceiling of my parents' shower? As I desnarled the dreadlocks forming in my hair, I realized there were live flies buzzing around in the shower's lighting fixture. That was pretty nasty, but I still couldn't figure out why they were stuck there. After the battle with the anjhair was won, I looked up again. All movement had ceased, but there appeared to be more fruit flies plastered to the ceiling than there were previously.

So I guess the answer to the question is this: Hot steam is both an insecticide and adhesive.


[User Picture]From: wynx
2005-12-13 10:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, I bathed, lmao.

Actually I was also to lazy to make it be curly (which takes about 15 seconds of scrunching) so it just kind of flopped.
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